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Shavasana – A True Gem (If You Know How To Use It)

Yogis in Shavasana

Shavasana is crucial. Yet, many yoga practitioners never get it right because their approach to yoga is too physical, and they never get the proper guidance. This article will explain how you can get more out of lying still and how Shavasana could be the one pose to help you move towards a more profound

5 Powerful Yoga Exercises Your Kids Will Love

Kid practising the yogic concentration method tratak.

Yoga has given you so much. I am sure you would love your kids to benefit from it as well. But playing around with animal poses, though it’s fun, won’t impact them in-depth. Here are five simple yet profound yoga exercises for kids that will. They will train your children’s concentration, self-control and capacity to

Is Pranayama Dangerous? – All You Need to Know

Pranayama gone wrong

Pranayama is supposed to take yoga to the next level. Yet, some yoga practitioners are afraid of it. Even teachers are cautious due to perceived risks of adverse effects. What more is, you can find horror stories of practices gone wrong on the internet that will make you wonder if breathing exercises are safe at

How Long Should Nadi Shodhana Last For Best Results?

Duration of Nadi Shodhana indicated with stop-watch

Nadi shodhana pranayama is a fantastic breathing exercise. When you get it right, regular practice can bring you immense benefits. Though the exercise is simple, you need the proper knowledge. In this post, I will be answering how long time nadi shodhana pranayama should last for the best results. I will be giving you precise

Bindu Magazine – A Successful Periodical on Yoga

Cover of Danish Bindu Magazine nr. 6

The Bindu Magazine was a periodical on yoga and meditation published by the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. They produced the magazine from the early seventies to the beginning of the two-thousands. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Bindu and about where you can find the best articles from

Healing an Inflammation Naturally With Simple Meditation

Knee in need of natural healing

Some years ago, I suffered from a chronic meniscus inflammation that stopped me from bending my knees more than 90 degrees. This condition lasted a couple of years, and the treatment offered by a prominent sports doctor had no effect. This post tells how I managed to naturally heal the inflammation myself, thanks to meditation,

What Is the Big Problem With Meditating Before Bedtime?

Image symbolising the problem with meditating before beditme.

Is it bad to meditate before going to bed? Some meditators firmly think so. They are so passionate about it that one gets the impression that late-night meditation comes at a considerable cost. But precisely, what is the problem with meditating before bedtime? What are the consequences we might suffer, and are these fears justified?

How to Close Your Nostrils for Nadi Shodhana?

This is how to close your nostrils for nadi shodhana pranayama

What is the best hand position for nadi shodhana pranayama? There are a few different ways to place your fingers to close your nostrils for this breathing exercise. This article will cover the best options available and describe what benefits they each have and why. Having read it you will know everything you need about