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What Does It Mean to Be a Swami? A Down to Earth Explanation

Group of swamis

Some yogis are “swamis”. Beginners to yoga tend to equate the swami title with spiritual authority and an evolved state of consciousness. However, it isn’t that simple. In this article, I explain what is meant by the swami title, who can get it and how much it says about the yogi who carries it. Swami

9 Reasons Yoga Isn’t Working for You (And What to Do about It)

Unsatisfied yogi - it isn't working

Countless yoga adepts hold that yoga has transformed their lives. They claim for example that it gives them a sense of connection with themselves, soaring energy, mental focus and inner calm. But what if you have tried yoga and not felt anything? Before you give up, consider that there is a lot that you have

How Is Yoga Nidra Different from Meditation? – 5 Key Points

Woman floating in space during yoga nidra

Yoga nidra is a yogic relaxation method. You might wonder how it is different from regular meditation? Meditation is an umbrella term for a wider variety of practices. It isn’t wrong to say that yoga nidra is a kind of meditation. However, it does have some particular characteristics. Here are five crucial ways in which

Swami Janakananda – Portrait of a Remarkable Kriya Yoga Master

Swami Janakananda next to the longhouse in Haa retreat center in 2009.

Swami Janakananda Saraswati is a yoga master and kriya yoga expert in the Satyananda tradition. For 50 years, he has been teaching advanced yoga practices in his ashram in Sweden. In this portrait of his life, you will learn about Janakanandas achievements as a remarkable yoga and meditation teacher and why his way of teaching

What is Raja Yoga? – “In-Depth Explanation of the Royal Path”

Shiva the King of yoga and the god of supreme consciousness.

If you are into yoga, you have certainly come across the term raja yoga. It is supposed to be the king of all yogas. But what is it exactly? Where does it come from, and what do raja yogis do? In this article, I am exploring its original meaning and the different ways yoga masters

8 Awesome Benefits of Balancing Poses in Yoga

Woman in balancing yoga pose

Balancing poses in yoga are beneficial in many ways. For example, they strengthen your core muscles, tone connective tissue and train your nervous system. Here is an overview of everything you get out of practising balance poses.  Why yoga poses are suitable for balance training Balance is a fundamental skill; without it, we couldn’t even