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Forceful Tranquility

9 Reasons Yoga Isn’t Working for You (And What to Do about It)

Unsatisfied yogi - it isn't working

Countless yoga adepts hold that yoga has transformed their lives. They claim for example that it gives them a sense of connection with themselves, soaring energy, mental focus and inner calm. But what if you have tried yoga and not felt anything? Before you give up, consider that there is a lot that you have

8 Awesome Benefits of Balancing Poses in Yoga

Woman in balancing yoga pose

Balancing poses in yoga are beneficial in many ways. For example, they strengthen your core muscles, tone connective tissue and train your nervous system. Here is an overview of everything you get out of practising balance poses.  Why yoga poses are suitable for balance training Balance is a fundamental skill; without it, we couldn’t even

An Easy Alternative To Headstand – The Clown Pose

The clown pose, an easy alternative to the head stand (sirsasana).

Sirsasana, the full headstand, is one of the most essential yoga poses. However, it isn’t a beginner’s pose. It takes quite some effort to learn, and for some people, it is just too much. So wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was an easy alternative to headstand? Well, there is. It’s called the clown pose.

Five Excellent Alternatives to Shavasana

Makarasana, one of the best relaxation poses in yoga.

Shavasana is a crucial relaxation pose. It is incredibly versatile and straightforward. However, it is not your only option for ending an asana sequence. Several other easy to do poses can help you harmonise the energy you awaken with yoga. This article will look at five excellent alternatives to Shavasana that will assure profound relaxation

Shavasana – A True Gem (If You Know How To Use It)

Yogis in Shavasana

Shavasana is crucial. Yet, many yoga practitioners never get it right because their approach to yoga is too physical, and they never get the proper guidance. This article will explain how you can get more out of lying still and how Shavasana could be the one pose to help you move towards a more profound

How to Mix Yoga Poses and Meditation for a More Rewarding Practice

Woman meditating in a yoga pose

Yoga poses are just a thin slice of what there is to yoga. Still, poses are the sole focus of most modern yoga styles. The widespread overfocus on posture is frustrating for any practitioner wishing to explore the deeper states within reach of yoga.  Though it might be challenging to find a yoga studio where

How to do Sukhasana – the Best Meditation Pose for Beginners

Man sitting in sukhasana.

Sukhasana, or the easy pose, is as useful as it is straightforward. It is perfect for beginners but even experienced yoga practitioners choose this pose for meditation and pranayama. But despite its simplicity, I see again and again how yoga practitioners get the easy pose wrong. Therefore, in this article, I want to set things