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Forceful Tranquility

Is Pranayama Dangerous? – All You Need to Know

Pranayama gone wrong

Pranayama is supposed to take yoga to the next level. Yet, some yoga practitioners are afraid of it. Even teachers are cautious due to perceived risks of adverse effects. What more is, you can find horror stories of practices gone wrong on the internet that will make you wonder if breathing exercises are safe at

How Long Should Nadi Shodhana Last For Best Results?

Duration of Nadi Shodhana indicated with stop-watch

Nadi shodhana pranayama is a fantastic breathing exercise. When you get it right, regular practice can bring you immense benefits. Though the exercise is simple, you need the proper knowledge. In this post, I will be answering how long time nadi shodhana pranayama should last for the best results. I will be giving you precise

How to Close Your Nostrils for Nadi Shodhana?

This is how to close your nostrils for nadi shodhana pranayama

What is the best hand position for nadi shodhana pranayama? There are a few different ways to place your fingers to close your nostrils for this breathing exercise. This article will cover the best options available and describe what benefits they each have and why. Having read it you will know everything you need about

Prerequisites For Pranayama That Really Matter For A Great Practice

Old keys

At what stage in the unfolding of your yoga practice and under what conditions can you start pranayama? If you research this question, you will find many different indications. But you surely want to know the prerequisites for pranayama practice that truly matters? If you are new to yogic breathing exercises yourself, I know these

The Correct Order To Do Pranayama For Best Results

Woman who respects the right order to do pranayama by practicing Nadi Shodana in the end of a session.

If you are exploring yogic breathing exercises, you might ask yourself if there is a correct order to do pranayama. Different pranayamas have different effects, and it could be worth your while putting some thought into getting the order of pranayamas right. A proper sequence assures profound and harmonious results while you can miss out

How to practice Ujjayi Pranayama – Your complete guide

Man doing Ujjayi pranayama. A whispering sound is visualised by soundwaves.

Ujjayi pranayama is one of the most essential hatha yoga practices. You do it by producing a soft whispering sound while breathing. Though deceptively simple, it has a profound impact on your nervous system and your energy. Ujjayi pranayama is the backbone of Kriya Yoga, one of the most advanced old school yoga systems that

Khecari Mudra – the Revival of the Spacewalking Seal

Khecari mudra - the spacewalking seal

Khecari mudra is a yogic practice praised in Sanskrit yoga texts as one of the most potent practices of them all. Yet today, Khecari mudra is, for the most part, passed on in a simplified manner. Despite the renaissance of yoga, those who practice Khecari in its full form remain rare. But that is starting

What is the best way to learn pranayama?

Group learning pranayama.

If you have tried the original breathing exercises of hatha yoga, chances are that you have had an uncomfortable experience. The bliss-inducing breathing you expected might instead have felt like a near suffocation experience. The truth is that pranayama is both challenging and subtle and that you can easily miss the target. To avoid frustration,