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Forceful Tranquility

Khecari Mudra – the Revival of the Spacewalking Seal

Khecari mudra - the spacewalking seal

Khecari mudra is a yogic practice praised in Sanskrit yoga texts as one of the most potent practices of them all. Yet today, Khecari mudra is, for the most part, passed on in a simplified manner. Despite the renaissance of yoga, those who practice Khecari in its full form remain rare. But that is starting

What is the best way to learn pranayama?

Group learning pranayama.

If you have tried the original breathing exercises of hatha yoga, chances are that you have had an uncomfortable experience. The bliss-inducing breathing you expected might instead have felt like a near suffocation experience. The truth is that pranayama is both challenging and subtle and that you can easily miss the target. To avoid frustration,