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Forceful Tranquility

Khecari Mudra – the Revival of the Spacewalking Seal

Khecari mudra - the spacewalking seal

Khecari mudra is a yogic practice praised in Sanskrit yoga texts as one of the most potent practices of them all. Yet today, Khecari mudra is, for the most part, passed on in a simplified manner. Despite the renaissance of yoga, those who practice Khecari in its full form remain rare. But that is starting

Review of the Three-Month course at Haa Course Center

Sparks at night representing the three-month sadhana retreat

The legendary three-month course at Haa International Course centre has taken place yearly for almost 50 years. During this yoga retreat, the most advanced practices from the Satyananda tradition are revealed during optimal conditions. If you read this, you might be wondering if this retreat lives up to its reputation and you might be wondering