Practice Deep-Delving Yoga & Meditation Online

Yoga and meditation sessions that are based on an integral approach where the full range of traditional hatha methods interact and enforce each other.

Yoga & meditation online classes that go deeper

My online yoga is different. Physical exercises are merely the beginning. They are a means to prepare body and mind so that more subtle techniques become accessible. You practice long sessions that begin with physical yoga and end with meditation.

Authentic yoga

My yoga is faithful to the techniques of the tradition. Not limited to the physical body your whole being is touched.

Concentrated practice

How you practice is just as important as what you practice. I insist on a concentrated and attentive attitude.

Profound sessions

Practice long enough to achieve profound psychic relaxation. My sessions last two hours or more.


Breathing exercices bridge the physical and the mental practices. I include them in every session.

Yoga nidra

Yoga nidra deep relaxation has its roots in my tradition. It is harmoniously incorporated into the practice.


Meditation is an essential component of yoga. Several different techniques are integrated in my classes.

Practice with verbal instructions

In my tradition we never show yoga poses. We teach physical yoga as well as meditation with clear and precise verbal instructions. In order to obtain a concentrated and deep practice, audio is the best medium to practice yoga online.