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Forceful Tranquility

Khecari Mudra – the Revival of the Spacewalking Seal

Khecari mudra - the spacewalking seal

Khecari mudra is a yogic practice praised in Sanskrit yoga texts as one of the most potent practices of them all. Yet today, Khecari mudra is, for the most part, passed on in a simplified manner. Despite the renaissance of yoga, those who practice Khecari in its full form remain rare. But that is starting

What to do if you get frustrated while meditating?

Boat on a stormy sea - symbol of getting frustrated while meditating.

You have sat down to meditate, but your mind starts wandering quickly. You get angry at yourself for losing focus. In less than ten minutes, you are so frustrated and lost in self-criticism that you quit.  Have you ever been there? As beginners, many of us have. Frustration builds on a misconception of what meditation

How long do you need to meditate to get real effects?

Woman doing hand-mudra while meditating.

If you just started out meditating or are considering starting, you might be asking yourself how much you need to meditate to get real effects. Meditation is frustrating in the beginning. But the results do come fast enough, and they slowly get better and better. Read this article to understand how long time it takes

Can you improve your concentration with meditation?

Man with beard meditating to improve concentration.

A lot of people want to strengthen their concentration. Many meditators say their practice gives them just that. But is it scientifically proven that you can improve your concentration with meditation? It turns out that more and more scientific studies confirm that meditation can help you to increase your capacity to concentrate. In this post,

The Relaxation Response

Red traffic light - symbol of slowing down to rest.

In a threatening situation, the nervous system reacts to make us capable to take action. However, psychological pressure and the normal frictions of modern life can trigger the same physical reactions. When stress is long-lasting, the nervous system loses its capacity to reestablish balance. Meditation can set off the relaxation response which can be the