Practice Plans

Following a practice plan is an excellent way to stay committed to a regular practice. In addition, these plans guarantee that you use the different sessions in the best possible order. 

You will get the best results if you are regular with your practice. If possible, fix your practice day(s) and time(s) in advance. Sticking to the same days and times every week is ideal. 

The practice plans are in PDF format. Download the files and print out the sheets.

Foundation level 15-week plan with one session per week

This plan follows an intensity of one session per week, an easy-to-follow rhythm for most practitioners. While being compatible with an ordinary modern schedule, the regularity of this plan will allow you to reap benefits and make progress. 

Foundation level 15-week plan with two sessions per week

This plan is for those who can fit two weekly sessions into their life rhythm. Following this plan, you will rapidly become proficient with the techniques and reap more profound benefits. 

Foundation level 15-week plan with three sessions per week

This plan is an excellent choice if your life situation allows you to practice three sessions a week. With this intensity, you will quickly move toward mastery. The energy and awareness you develop will have a tangible impact on your life. 


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