Verbal instructions guarantee more concentration during practice

The best yoga teachers guide with verbal instructions. They take great care to prepare understandable and precise instructions. This way it is not necessary for the students to look at them during the practice. Nor is it necessary to interrupt the session for demonstrations.

Full focus can thereby be kept on the practice that becomes more concentrated and more deepgoing. While this teaching style is more demanding for the instructor, it gives a superior experience to the student.

For these reasons, I am convinced that the best way to practice yoga online is with audio recordings.

Your focus stays on your own body

Online yoga sessions based on video suffer from the same problems as live sessions based on demonstrations. The practitioner’s focus moves away from the practice and their own body to look at the screen. These disturbances are enough to bring the practitioner out of the state of relaxation and focus that could otherwise build up.

Without precise instructions, the practitioner must look at the screen to understand what the guide wants. This often interferes physically with the practice. Not only is this annoying, it also increases the risk of injury.

Written explanations and images.

Prepare for new sessions

On this site, we support verbal instructions with pictures, slideshows, texts, and videos. This material is to be studied the first few times before practicing a new session. It is much like a conventional yoga book taking advantage of modern technology. With this preparation, the practitioner can easily follow the guiding voice.

Fine-tuned and thoroughly tested

I have considerable experience in teaching yoga through verbal instructions. I have designed the sessions on this site the same way as those I use and teach in real life. All recordings have been tested by me, by fellow yoga teachers in my tradition and by some of my most dedicated students.

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