Safety Guidelines

When practising Forceful Tranquility online yoga, follow the Safety Guidelines described here below.

  • All physical exercises are potentially harmful. Yoga exercises are no exception. If certain exercises result in excessive discomfort, feel free to take breaks, do alternative exercises and/or skip exercises, poses or sequences that are not suitable for you.
  • Always use your own good judgment, and decide for yourself if you wish to follow the instructions given on this website or not. Practice within your own limits. Practice is always at your own risk.
  • We offer no medical advice. Consult your medical practitioner before starting any new exercise regime, including doing Forceful Tranquility yoga for the first time. The sessions on our website may not be tailored to your physical and/or mental health.
  • Allow for at least 10 minutes of quiet time after a program that ends with pranayama. In particular, do not go into traffic.
  • Practise on an empty stomach. Wait at least three hours after a main meal before practice.
  • Make sure you practise with enough free space around you. Stay clear of furniture and other objects with sharp edges and corners.
  • Do not consume psychedelic drugs, alcohol or any other drugs before practising yoga and meditation.
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