Intermediate session 3

Introduction to the Balance Programme

In this intermediate session, you will familiarise yourself with the Balance Programme and you will discover Nada Yoga. The session ends with an alternative version of the Simplified Antar Mauna meditation.


  • Savasana
  • Complete breath
  • Wave breath
  • The Balance Programme
  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Bhramari pranayama
  • Alternate Breath
  • Short yoga nidra
  • Simplified Antar Mauna – Alternative version

The Balance Programme

About balance poses

Standing on the floor or on the mat. Concentration. Fixing a point on the wall. Pay special attention to understanding the eagle pose in advance. Also cowface pose.

Foot on foot pose

Stand on your left foot and place the toes of your right foot on top of your left foot, your right heel towards your left shinbone. Then place the palms of your hands towards your lower abdomen. Make the tips of your thumbs touch each other. Make the tips of your index fingers touch so that your fingers form a triangle.

Eagle pose

Stand on your left foot. Cross your right thigh over your left and then flex your right leg backwards. Tuck your right foot in on the right side of your left ankle to look the position.

Then cross your left upper arm over your right one. Cross your forearms in order to be able to place the palms of your hands together. Flex your hands forwards.

Then flex your left leg, if possible until your left thigh is in a horizontal position. Stay in this position holding your balance. Don’t bend forwards but keep your back in a straight vertical position. This is the final position.

Invert the pose to do it to the other side. Then you will stand on your right leg, cross your left thigh over your right. Place your right upper arm above your left one.

One-leg salutation pose

Place your right foot towards the inner side of your left thigh. Place the palms of your hands together in front of you. Keep your left leg straight and maintain balance.

Variation 1.
Raise your arms above your head.

Variation 2.
Raise your arms above your head. While doing so follow the hands with your eyes, and in the final position focus on your hand above your head.

Variation of the runner – Natarajasasana

In a standing position, flex one leg and grab hold of your ankle. Breathe in and raise the other arm above your head. Breath out bend your upper body forwards to a horisontal position. Look forwards and breathe normally while in the pose.

To come out of the pose, breathe in and simultaneously raise your upper body with your arm over your head. Then breathe out and lower your arm. Finally, let go of your ankle and bring your foot back to the floor.

Scale pose

Stand with your feet together. Breathe in and simultaneously raise both arms above your head. Breathe out and bend forwards and if possible place your hands on the floor in front of you. At the same time raise one leg behind you as high as you can.

Place your hands as close to your foot as possible. The closer they are the more difficult it will be to keep the balance. Make it challenging for you. If you cant. Reach the floor take hold of your lower leg, as far down as you can reach. Try to keep the leg that you are standing on straight.

Come out of the pose in the following way. Breathe in and come up, raise your arms above your head. At the same time lower your foot to the floor. Then breathe out and lower your arms in front of you all the way to your body.

Cow face pose – balance variation

You will get into the cow face pose from vajrasana (sitting on your knees). In this pose move to the right and sit with your right heel pointing upwards between your buttocks. Now straighten out your left leg. Then bend your left leg backwards, pull your foot back and place it on the outer side of your right hip. Keep your balance on your heel.

Then extend your right arm above your head. Bend your left arm behind your back. Flex your right arm an try to take hold of the fingers of your left hand behind your back. Keep your right elbow pointing upwards.

Invert the pose to do it to the other side.

The liver strengthening pose

Sit with your legs in front of you. Flex your legs and while keeping your arms between your knees take hold of your big toes. Now rais your feet from the ground and straighten your legs. Balance on your buttocks. When you have found balance, spread your legs wide apart.

The head and foot pose

Sit on your knees. Place your hands on the mat next to your knees. Place your head on the mat in front of you. Now raise your knees from the floor. Then raise your hands from the floor and balance on your head and your feet.

The closer to one another you keep your feet, the more difficult it will be to maintain balance.

Chakrasana – The wheel pose